KSFD Foundation Schemes

  1. STEM Construction Summer Camp: This commenced in September 2016. It is an annual STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) program for secondary school students in Nigeria, within the age range of 13 -18 years or in JSS3 to SSS3 classes. The aim is to introduce students to the construction industry market segments, opportunities, skill sets and professions at an early age. Ultimately we aim to develop their interest in the construction sector. We also introduce them to leadership skills, team work, critical thinking, logical reasoning and ethical ways of doing things.
  2. Mentorship Scheme: The youth mentoring programme is designed to empower youths in ‘all things construction’. It provides a platform for our STEM Construction Summer Camp Alumni (Mentees) to work during holidays, together with more experienced people (Mentors), on live training sites. The Mentors offer one-on-one mentoring sessions, site training and support on career guidance in construction, engineering, and work-life skills.
  3. Undergraduate Training: KSFD in collaboration with the University of Lagos offers Soft Skills Training to final year students in construction related courses. The training is focused on development in Communication Skills, People skills and Leadership skills amongst others. This scheme commenced in November 2018.
  4. Graduate Entrepreneurship Scheme (GES): This scheme provides a platform for graduates to understudy professionals in the field and train as Entrepreneurs. The aim is to create ‘Construpreneurs’ in the industry. The would start the small and medium-sized companies that will claim market share, create new businesses in the construction value chain, and provide the much needed employment opportunities that Nigeria needs. It is open to Youth Corpers and fresh graduates with 0 to 2 years working experience. This scheme is expected to kickoff in 2019.
  5. Artisan Training Program (ATP): KFSD currently partners with credible organizations to train Artisans on CKL sites. We were recently awarded a grant by PIND (Partnership Initiatives in the Niger Delta) to train 30 participants as Artisans in Rivers state. We also currently partner with the Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) where we provide our project sites as training grounds for the Lagos State Employability Support Program (LSESP), which also has the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The aim is to train Artisans on how to handle construction work efficiently, with safety and quality in mind. We anticipate that this program will help improve their quality and work output, thereby increasing the market share of Nigerians in the construction industry.
  6. Research Collaboration: Our desire to add to the body of knowledge birthed a funding with a research team of the University of Lagos known as Construction Industry Development Group (CIDG). The aim is to develop data that will be useful to the construction industry by gathering relevant information across topical industry issues.
  7. Scholarship Scheme: The aim is to assist selected KFSD Mentees with financial aid for their undergraduate studies. We believe that a family’s financial status should not be a barrier to a child’s education. To enhance this scheme, we recently introduced the ‘KFSD Angels Initiative,’ to give well-meaning individuals and corporate organisations the opportunity to support underprivileged deserving children with a scholarship through KFSD. The first beneficiary was awarded a full scholarship in December 2018. To become a KFSD Angel, kindly contact us.