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2017 STEM Summer Camp Construction Programme Comes To An End

The 2017 STEM – Construction Summer Camp with the theme – “Moulding Emerging Construction Engineers,” has come to its end. The programme which kicked off in Lagos on August 6th and lasted for a week is the second edition of construction summer camps organized by the Kaiser Foundation for Social Development,…

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The Kaiser Foundation 2017 STEM Summer Camp is here!

The Kaiser Foundation for Social Development (KFSD) has organized for the second time, a STEM Summer Camp in Lagos to enable a selection of secondary school students in Nigeria to experience six days of Science, Technology, Mathematics, and Engineering. This year’s program which has the theme “Molding Emerging Construction Engineers”, kicks…

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KFSD STEM Summer Camp 2016 comes to a close.

KAISER FOUNDATION STEM CONSTRUCTION SUMMER CAMP 2016 COMES TO A CLOSE. The first edition of the STEM Construction Summer Camp organized by Kaiser Foundation for Social Development (KFSD) in Lagos, came to an end on 10th September, 2016. The 1-week summer camp which kicked off on 4th September, 2016 with 32 students…

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